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Streatham is an ancient city boasting many historical attractions which are worth visiting. We offer comfortable car rental service in Streatham which lets you roam around this city and its nearby areas at your own pace. Rent a car in Streatham and drive through the streets to experience the real pulse of the place. We provide all kinds of cars and vans for hire with no hassle of a long registration process and paper work. We also offer a wide range of benefits like break down assistance, unlimited mileage and collision damage waiver.

Streatham – Highlights

Streatham, whose name originates from the term "hamlet on the street", is an ancient city situated around 5 miles south of Charing Cross. It is one of the many suburbs of London, which got a lease of life out of the biggest tragedies that hit the city – the Great Plague of 1664 and the Great London Fire of 1666. A small village until then, Streatham began to flourish when people from London began migrating to the suburbs to escape tragedies. When the master plan for Greater London was drawn, Streatham was combined with it along with 34 other suburban towns. The town has gradually developed into an important cultural and entertainment centre of London, with its theatres, Bingo hall and enchanting nightclub. With our comfortable Streatham car rental service you can easily explore all the fascinating destinations of this city as per your terms.

From a small town in the suburbs of London, Streatham has journeyed into being one of the important entertainment centres. The town boasts of a sauna, dance studio, the famous Streatham ice rinks and over 20 restaurants & pubs. The Streatham place and Park Hill have always drawn tourists. The Streatham High Road is supposed to be one of the longest running high roads in London. Streatham Festival is a much awaited time of the year when festivities drown the town and visitors have a ball of a time. The place is very well connected to the rest of London with three railway stations and also by road. The shops, pubs and restaurants lining either sides of Streatham High Road are a riot of activity. Book your Streatham car rental now and enjoy best discounts.

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