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Car Rental Enfield

Situated in Greater London, Enfield is a beautiful place to enjoy a wonderful holiday. We offer top-notch car rentals in Enfield at reasonable rates. Our Enfield car hire service is fully inclusive of benefits like collision damage waiver, third party insurance, unlimited mileage, roadside assistance and many more. When you rent a car in Enfield with us, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. You can easily book the cars online and can also make amendments in your booking details from anywhere.

About Enfield

Enfield is known for its greenery. This is why it has numerous gardens and farmlands. Situated close to Central London, it is a great country town and has a lot of history attached to it. For those who are interested in historical museums and buildings, Enfield is a delight. The landscapes, the parks, the beauty, the environment, and all the historical monuments make Enfield a place worth their time. Make sure you book your car rental in Enfield because you will surely be having a lot of sightseeing opportunities here.

The biggest highlights have already been mentioned above and they are the historical museums. These are rich in history and simply outstanding. You wouldn't want to miss the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture. There are many other museums too such as Myddleton House and Capel Manor, which is famous for its gorgeous garden exhibitions.


There is also the Forty hall Manor you should visit. Next on the list comes the beautiful Alexandra Palace. If you want to grab a drink or just lounge for a while, you could always visit the cafes and pubs in Enfield. Kosem Taverna is a famous pub. Other pubs include the Old Bell and Ridgeway Tavern. Coming to restaurants, there is the Poppadom – an Indian restaurant, McDonald's and a Chinese restaurant named The Oriental Chef. Book your car hire for Enfield now!