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Edgware is a beautiful village in London. You can explore this charming village at your own terms by availing our high-quality Edgware car rental service. We are one of the reputed car rental companies of UK. You will get best car rental deals in Edgware at the most competitive rates. We also give you several additional benefits like roadside assistance, theft protection, third party insurance, collision damage waiver and reliable customer support.

Edgware - Highlights

Situated approximately eight to ten miles away from the main city, Edgware is a beautiful and peaceful place. As it is situated in between the London Borough of Harrow and the London Borough of Barnet, it qualifies as a part for both. Most of the residents of Edgware are Jewish. It is a peaceful location where you can spend a great holiday with your family. There are quite a few notable sites and places that you could visit in Edgware. To enjoy the scenic beauty and to travel around the village, you could always go for a car hire in Edgware. Not only are there many options for you to choose from, but the cars are also affordable.

Edgware is a village and thus you can expect to get close to nature with the amazing natural beauty of the place. Edgware is actually known to be a shopping area. You can go on a great shopping spree here because there are many outlets that you could buy a wide variety of things from.

Right from fabric shops to domestic appliance shops, you'll find them all in Edgware. No prizes to guess that Edgware is also a great business spot. If you want to chill out and have some fun, you can always head to any one of the many pubs, cafes or bars. Some famous pubs are Conways Number 3 and Railway Hotel. There are approximately 26 restaurants in Edgware with great ambience and food. Couple of the famous ones are Nandos Chickenland and Mythos Restaurant. Hotel accommodation is not a problem in Edgware either. You can easily find one suitable for your needs. Book your Edgware car rental now!

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